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Published: 04th January 2011
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When marketing online, a solid internet marketing plan will make your campaigns successful. There are so many marketing options available that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Stop! Before you even consider dropping out of the online marketing "game", consider whether you have an action plan for success.

Internet Marketing Options

So what are your options for marketing online? Online, there are a number of strategies you can begin using. There are 3 broad categories as follows: 1) social sites and media 2) information marketing and 3) paid advertising.

For the most part, social media and content marketing strategies are free to use. Of course, there is overlap of these areas as you can have paid advertising on content and social media sites.

Marketing Platforms - Defined

Social media platforms include such sites as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging and more. Being free to join is a great appeal of these social media sites. Social media sites thrive on being current so your internet marketing plan needs to include the upkeep of your social media profiles. Social media sites "market" very well if your profile is current.

Content marketing platforms allow you to share your knowledge online. On the content networks, you create videos, articles and more. The idea behind content marketing is to stand out as an authority figure in your area of knowledge.

The internet's purpose is a collaboration of knowledge and sharing of ideas. Google was founded by two PhDs who originally created a way to search and index university publications.

Your content that is shared will be indexed by Google and other search engines. Your popularity online depends on many factors including the perception of your authority level.

Paid marketing is the 3rd broad area of marketing online. You can pay for advertising on Facebook, Google search results and even Twitter! Now that's something to consider for your internet marketing plan.

What Is Your Marketing Knowledge?

There are more options to your internet marketing plan than described above. Are you familiar with the strategies described above? Do you describe yourself as a marketer? Is your internet marketing plan ready to be implemented? How do you plan to implement your strategy?

Before marketing, you will need to consider many questions. In online marketing, you can easily spend lots of money for very little result. It is also easy to spend little money and get big results. It all depends on your internet marketing plan. How you implement your internet marketing plan will determine your success.

Once you create your internet marketing plan, then you can begin to implement. Once implemented, you will learn and adapt to new strategies. Good things happens around here...

Your Internet Marketing Level

The foundation for your internet marketing plan will consider the following:

1. Number of sales online.
2. How many leads generated online.
3. Daily amount of time for internet marketing.

Beginner - Zero to very few sales online. You have generated zero to 10 leads online. Can allot 1-2 hours daily for internet marketing.

Mid-level - You have made some sales online. You have generated fewer than 100 leads online. Can allot 2-3 hours for marketing online on a daily basis.

Experienced - You have made sales online. Generating at least 20 leads daily. Marketing daily for 4-6 hours.

Take the above into consideration when making your internet marketing plan. Internet marketing can be a full time endeavor and you require sufficient resources, time and energy.

What To Focus On - Your Internet Marketing Plan

There are 3 broad categories below; choose from them when developing your internet marketing plan. Choose ONLY ONE from each of the categories if you are either a beginner or mid-level marketer. If you are an experienced marketer, you should be able to comfortably choose two from each category.

Social Media - Blogging, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn

Content Marketing - Squidoo, Hub Pages, Articles, Video Content, Blogging

Paid Marketing - Google AdWords, Yahoo!/MSN PPC, Facebook PPC, Ezine PPC

When considering paid media strategies, you MUST begin with a minimum of $300-$500 per month in advertising dollars. Contine with paid advertising for at least 6 months.

Best wishes in your internet marketing strategies.

Thushyanthan is the founder and creator of the method to making money online. A former teacher and general "IT guy" Thushyanthan now teaches internet marketing strategies and secrets to making fast and consistent money online. Read the complete Internet Marketing Plan article...

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